Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lone Wolfie

In what might be considered a sea-change for the administration-that-admits-no-wrong, support for Paul Wolfowitz seems to be waning at the White house. The Bush administration is softening it’s strident stand and signaling a willingness to replace Wolfowitz if the banks board decides not to fire him. “All options are on the table” said Tony Snow in a Tuesday morning briefing "Members of the board, Mr. Wolfowitz, need to sit down and figure out what is in fact going to be best for this bank. . . ."

Another “Senior White House Official” was a little more blunt about it.

"We've considered that this is an issue for people at the bank and our colleagues at other governments," a senior White House official said. "We'll engage in a discussion about the future leadership of the bank."

This is quite a different tune than was being sang in harmony just last week, when Wolfowitz had the full support of the President.

Maybe this is a prelude to bigger things – maybe the backpedaling away from Wolfie is a practice run at cutting Gonzo loose.

(What? Can’t a girl have a fantasy now and again?)

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