Saturday, May 5, 2007

I have never started a "Swarm" before...

...but I'm game to give it a whirl. I got the following email in my inbox, and I am flattered anyone thinks my little blog is important enough to launch something like this. So I did what any realist with a hundred and fifty hits a day would do - I forwarded it to Edger and Skippy. They know how to get a party started.

I've been reading your comments on Kevin Drum's blog and lately on
your own blog. I was thinking back to the Viet Nam era and remembering
the day that was referred to as the Viet Nam Moratorium (October 15,
1969). A couple hundred thousand people marched on downtown Boston (the
part I remember) and other American cities to protest the Nixon
policies. What made it effective politically was that it signified the
first time that lots of normal-appearing people showed up in their
jackets and ties to protest. When the lawyers and businessmen and
housewives protested, that was a major signal to the political

The Bush veto of the appropriations bill is worthy of just such a
national protest. I fear that the congressional leadership may waver,
but a large public outcry would provide a little stiffness to their
backbones. I would like to suggest a National Day of Mourning and
Protest to be held perhaps on May 22 (ie: the third week anniversary of
the Bush veto). We should mourn our dead, honor our military, and
protest the Bush veto. The underlying strategy is to limit how far the
congress can compromise on the next edition of the supplemental
appropriations bill. Getting a million people out to protest would make
a big difference.

Would you be interested in promoting this idea? The publisher of our
blog ( would like to cover the story, but does not want
to be the story, so I am looking for somebody who already has a
following to make the initial public proposal.

So...Whaddya say folks? Let's get our Peace March on Saturday, May 19? (Since the three week date of the 22nd is a Tuesday, turnout might be hard to get...)

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