Thursday, May 17, 2007

A dose of ones own medicine is a bitter pill to swallow

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I would have let it pass, because frankly, she is inconsequential. She just doesn’t matter. The bloom is off the rose. Maybe finally the she crossed the line and will be forced off the public stage. Better late than never.

In case you missed it, a week or so ago, the harridan-of-fading-significance, getting ready to address a group of military spouses (mostly wives) said she was tired of hearing military wives “whine.”

I rolled my eyes because I have never taken the stupid bitch seriously, nor do I give any measure of credence or respect to anyone so weak-minded and gullible as to follow the “advice” rendered by the haranguing harridan. I let it pass, because she is just not worth my time.

But my sisters got pissed. She got barraged by angry emails sent by pissed-off military wives.

So now, she is doing the whining. And I have to twist the knife. She has pushed people to tears for years. Fuck her and her hurt feelings. Good. I hope her feelings are hurt. I hope it changes her. It won't, but hey. At least she had to swallow one of her own bitter pills.

“It broke my heart. I cried.” She whined in a phone interview on May 14th. And she insisted that her saying she was tired of hearing military spouses whine was taken out of context. “I felt [that] if one family was in any way hurt, I had to do whatever I could to help repair that,” She whined . “My job is to set the record straight. My reputation with respect to the military is very important to me. I’m part of the family.” Schlessinger’s son is an Army paratrooper deployed to the Middle East.

Yep. Saying you are tired of hearing somebody whine is pretty vague and statements like that get taken out of context all the time. Whiner.

She has sure flogged that shamelessly. And she has lied about him too. She said he has had his tour extended because the congress won’t give the Useless Tool™ a blank check. That is a lie. No tours have been extended because of the funding fight. She lied about her son in uniform. That’s low.

She also has delusions of grandeur. She actually said she would not reveal the region where his team is operating because he might be a target “like Prince Harry.”

Bitch – do you think the average insurgent even knows who the fuck you even are? You think that you are that fucking important, that your kid would be a prime target of Iraqi insurgents because you have so much fucking influence?

If I could give her some advice it would be "Seek help, Toots. I mean it. You’ve been a danger to others for years. Now I fear you have crossed into territory where you are a danger to yourself."

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