Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Diderot was right

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill has been un-invited from speaking to her daughters high school class at commencement; at the insistence of Archbishop Raymond Burke. You remember Burke - he is the one who got his knickers in a twist over Sheryl Crow's scheduled appearance at a fundraiser for the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center Foundation in St. Louis, and resigned his position on the board in protest.

The students at St. Joseph's Academy in Frontenac extended the invitation to speak at their graduation to the Senator and mother of their classmate, and she accepted. Then, late last week, Archbishop Burke started squeezing the shoes of Sister Michaela Zahner, president of the academy. She said she received a call from the Archbishop, reminding her of a policy that "forbids providing a public forum for speakers who do not hold to truths as they are presented by the church." Zahner said the policy clearly reflects Burke’s position.

Here is the sick little power-play pirouette that Burke gleefully executed: St. Joseph's is a private, rather than Archdiocesan school. It only gets to call itself a Catholic school so long as the Archbishop says they can call themselves a Catholic school.

Jesus, I'm glad I'm a Jew...

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