Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Backpeddling, moving goal-posts, semantic quibbling and dialing down expectations

The reality of Iraq is making itself known and those who are hell-bent on continuing this clusterfuck for the remainder of the Idiot Prince’s term in office are furiously trying to reframe the issue between now and September.

If we could harness the power coming off the spin, the energy crisis would be solved.

Commanders in the field are already warning that the so-called benchmarks that have been set won’t be met. In fact, about the only thing that will be accomplished will be the oil law.

Go figure.

I have wasted enough of my time arguing against the Fred Kagan’s of the world. If you want those arguments, go to the archives. His arguments haven't changed, why should I bother restating what I have stated ad infinitum in the past? That just distracts from the task at hand. I’ll will just say this: Anyone still listening to that pudgy prick needs to get fitted for a safety helmet post haste. He has been absolutely fucking wrong about absolutely fucking everything, yet he still gets ink in a major newspaper, as if he were credible? What. The. Fuck?

Moving on, here is where I am at:

First of all, make it clear that there will be no more Friedman’s allotted. Make your congresscritters aware that you are watching and that how they conduct themselves on this issue is going to be THE issue in their upcoming election.

Demand that this congress do what the last one did not, i.e. pass a freakin’ budget. And put some teeth in it. The power of the purse is what ended the war in Vietnam. C’mon guys – you have a precedent to follow, so grow a pair and follow it.

I am willing to put the blame for the recent funding fight where it belongs – on the feckless 109th – but the congress currently sitting is solely responsible from here on out.

There is a defense budget being deliberated right now. Contact the House and Senate Appropriations and Armed Services committee chairmen if you do not have a member from you state on the respective committees (all contact information is available in my sidebar so use it) and demand that timetables with teeth be included in the Defense Authorization Bill, a central tenet of which should be a drawdown to commence in October.

No matter what Petraeus says in September.

Enough already. The whole fucking country is blowing up. Literally, and killing ten Americans a day. The long hot summer is going to be bloody fucking horrific. To those who say that we have to give it time, I say we have given it four years. That is longer than it took to win in two theaters in World War II against organized forces with both strategic and tactical capabilities.

Read the summary of the just-released intel reports that highlight the lies that were told and the truths that were ignored. All in order to start an immoral war of choice.

Progress in Iraq is that boulder Sisyphus can’t get over the hill, and clinging to a failed enterprise that is nothing more than a deadly exercise in futility is not a virtue. It is a pathology.

110th Congress – you – and you alone are responsible from here on. Stand up to this man, and the public will stand behind you. You are politicians. Surely you can grasp the significance of 70% support!

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