Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wanker of the Week

Douglas Hanson of American Thinker.

Sometimes they just fall into your lap. Like this one.

Take this little nugget from Douglas Hanson, the blogger who erroneously posts as American Thinker (who, like most conservatards does not allow comments lest he have to ask questions of his not-thought-out beliefs.)

Those pesky chemical agents that the left says that Saddam never had just keep turning up all over Iraq. The latest occurrence is noted in a CENTCOM press release concerning operations near Mahmudiyah, Iraq. Coalition Forces conducted multiple raids in the area with one operation uncovering a cache of seven tanks of chlorine in a building. The deadly gas was later destroyed.
What. A. Dolt. Dunce. Useless Idiot Wanker.

That chlorine was imported by coalition forces and *contractors* for water purification plants. (Then it was not properly secured, making it easily pilferable by insurgent fighters.)

But the failure to secure the stuff doesn't obviate it's necessity, since we shocked and awed the infrastructure into rubble.

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