Sunday, April 15, 2007

Preparations Underway for Johnson's Return to the Senate

I don't know about you, but I was on the verge of a complete and total meltdown/outburst/full-on hissy-fit after the events of the last week.

If I had not gotten a bit of good news, I might have simply imploded into a tight, quivering little ball of redheaded rage and fury.

Senator Tim Johnson, who suffered the rupture of an Arterio-Venous Malformation (AVM) in December of last year has been recovering steadily, and preparations are being made for his return to the Senate. Those preparations include widening aisles and doorways, a freeing up area around his desk, and in general making his office and personal washroom wheelchair accessible.

Motor ability on the Senator's right side was compromised by the event and he is expected to use an electric scooter to facilitate his mobility. A "natural rightie," the Senator is also learning to write with his left hand.

Johnson fell ill on December 13th while conducting a telephone interview, and a capital physician referred him immediately to the ED at the George Washington University hospital, where he underwent emergency neurosurgery later that day.

Johnson spokeswoman Julianne Fisher said Wednesday that the senator would be in the rehabilitation facility "for a while longer" and would undergo outpatient therapy before returning to the Senate. She would not speculate on how long that will take.

Thank a god I am certain doesn't exist for a little good news. My head won't explode today...(but there is always tomorrow...)

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