Tuesday, March 6, 2007

We have a Village Idiot for Tuesday

This one isn't from Olathe - but close...

We have to win Iraq war

We need to win this war.

There are people whose only goal is to see you dead. The U.S. pulling out of the Middle East doesn’t end that. Being passive never stopped fanatic aggression.

This war is containing a bigger one. Pretending Hitler would be nice if we left him alone didn’t work. By the time reality set in, it took World War II to defeat his military build-up. While 3,000 dead Americans in four years is heartbreaking, in World War II, thousands died every day.

Some pretty much ignore that 3 million people were murdered after we left Vietnam. The crowd that pretends everything will be rosy if we just pull out seems comfortable with a few million more dead people. I’m not.

To save millions of lives — to end the war so our kids don’t have to — win it now.

George Thomas

Like all the War Pigs who scream for victory till they are on the verge of popping an artery, this jackass doesn't define victory, just insists we have to win.

Again, how the fuck do we get to win another countries civil war? Hmmm?

As per usual, todays Idiot of the Day® offers nothing but rhetoric and fearmongering.

Dude, it isn't playing in Peoria any longer. Get with the program and realize what damage has been done to our nation at the hands of this criminal administration.

If you don't, you're an accomplice.


bigcat said...

This jackass is not the first, and I'm sure not the last, to compare military deaths in Iraq with military deaths in WWII.

Why don't we just say that there're probably going to be more carjackings in, say, New York City, than in East Bumfuck, Idaho.

The fact remains the illusion of "The Global War on Terror", is costing our country dearly. I'm not a pacifist, but we have no business being in Iraq.

Get the hell out, move on BACK to Afghanistan, and end the fight there (assuming we can).

mbg said...

Amen, sister; ditto, bigcat.

bigcat said...

What really pisses me off about these idiots is the myopic view of history they live with.

In 10 years, hopefully, this whole episode in Iraq will be long forgotten, or at least looked at with a "What the fuck were they thinking?" shrug.

There's a GWOT because our government says so. We pull our heads out of our asses, it's over.