Sunday, July 27, 2008

Purity Trolls and Broadband Access

Atrios sings the praise of telling the purity troll what for and that brings up a good point.

Both of us--Blue Girl and myself--struggle every day to find the time and the bandwidth to blog. In my case, I use Verizon's FIOS system and I have tremendously reliable and fast Internet access. I personally wish I didn't use Verizon for my Internet and wireless provider--I have tirelessly advocated against retroactive immunity for them and I was damned sorry that it happened. In Blue Girl's case, she doesn't have ready access to a broadband infrastructure, and that's a crying shame. She has to fight to get on, fight to stay on, and more than once she's had to ring me up and give me what she's got and what I can do to finish things up for her.

Never feel sorry for us--we do this because we would do this no matter what. We're here to stay, we battle everyone and everything, and we fight like maniacs against the bullshit, the sleaze, and the just plain batshit crazy. We have our rewards and our families know the deal. We have great support networks.

However, we will bash the living shit out of purity trolls. If this were a perfect world, we certainly would not have anything to do with corporate malfeasance and we would be green, local, and self-supporting. We'd do this like a co-op, probably. We'd never link to suspect blogs or outlets, we'd even recycle the recycled paper we saved from the trash and put into a recycling bin.

Until such time as the United States gets a Federal Communications Commission that makes free, unlimited broadband a right, not a pipe dream, like it goddamned should, fuck purity trolls.

/rant off >


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