Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Catblogging - with bonus pets edition!

Dreidel is a pretty smart little critter. We have steam heat, and a radiator is preferable to any towel warmer Koehler has ever made or sold. We put the towels on the radiator when we put Zoe in the bath, and she soon figured out that if the towels are there, there is a warm spot and she hops right on up.

Last night, Buddy Impeachment entertained us with his nightly midnight freak-out, then suddenly disappeared. Turns out he was laying in wait in the bathtub, and when another cat wandered into the bathroom, he jumped out and committed a drive-by slapping, and then it was on again - and all three cats tore through the apartment at top speed for another half hour. I'm sure the medical students a floor below just loved that!

Dreidel is learning from the master that the key is getting in or on the blankets while they are still warm, and before the food-givers make the bed - or in this case, the futon.

This is Bitty - Bitty is one of four cats that owns my friend and fellow lefty blogger, fighting the good fight in a red state, Beulahman - and I'm not going to tell you how he got his unusual handle - you have to go read it for yourself! But hey - I summered on a farm in rural Missouri as a teen - I know a couple of characters like Lil' Ear my own self...

And finally - a purse dog! Because I am not content to just tell you you are likely to see anything on the bus in Kansas City - I like to provide evidence!

Have a good weekend, y'all - Either Pale Rider or I will be back later with the news dump!

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