Monday, September 10, 2007

An Abernathy for does not speak for me.

I have never donated money to them because I have no doubt that where there is a stupid, boneheaded move to be made, they will make it. Todays full-page ad in the New York Times was the perfect illustration of that. I refuse to fund any organization that can not grow the fuck up and stop shooting itself in the foot.

It was the stupidest fucking thing they could have done, and I despise them for damaging the entire Democratic Party with their juvenile, junior-high, too-clever-by-half bullshit.

And do you know why it was so stupid, and why the idiots deserve to have angry cats thrown at them?

Because the public was on the way to waking the hell up on their own. You have to give the public a little bit of time to think abhorrent thoughts in private before you put it in a full-page ad in the New-York-Fucking-Times!

Thanks for giving the conservative corporate media the lead on the evening news you morons. Between your sixth grade antics and Code Pinks theatrics, the news and the squawking hawks will be bleating endlessly about how all "liberals hate the troops."

Thanks a lot, idiots.

Now stand still while Eleanor throws cats at you for being stupid.

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