Thursday, April 12, 2007

Reading Clancy as an Ops-Manual

CNN reported tonight that Deborah Palfrey, the most recent *Beltway Madam* to stand accused of operating a high-end D.C. escort service, dropped a name in court today that sent shockwaves throughout the capital.

According to Ms. Palfrey, Harlan K. Ullman was a regular customer (she still denies the sex-selling part, but she named a regular customer? [ /incredulity] )

Ullman is a former Naval commander, and the chief architect of “shock and awe” – the humanitarian of the year who advocated “softening up” the country of Iraq by bombing the piss out of civilian populations. He advertises himself as a highly respected and widely recognized expert in national security whose advice is sought by governments and businesses."

He was, of course, outraged at the allegation – like every high-profile man caught boinking hookers has been since the dawn of journalism. "The allegations do not dignify a response," Ullman told CNN. "I'm a private, not a public, citizen. Any further questions are referred to my attorneys." (His attorney is Marc Mukasey of Bracewell & Giuliani in New York)

Now here is my question –

What about this guys clearance? Revoked? It should be. These are serious allegations.

Do you have any idea what kind of hay a Chinese, Iranian or Russian intelligence operative could make with that kind of information?

Can you even conceive of what could happen if a high level DoD war planner was compromised with a callgirl?

It's the stuff of Tom Clancy. Unfortunately, these fuckups read Clancy – and though it was an ops manual.

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